Helping you find ways to reduce your energy bills and save carbon this Winter, with free high-level personalised advice.

At Kuppa, we want to make our homes fit for the future.  With soaring energy prices and sustainability high on the agenda, the need for an energy efficient home has never been greater.
But too often, the advice out there just isn’t cutting it. Whether it’s unhelpfully generic or just unrealistic quotes, there are barriers stopping us from having the energy efficient homes we want and need.  Kuppa helps you understand whether to insulate your walls or replace your windows, install a heat pump or plan for solar panels. In simple terms: what to do, when to do it, and what to expect in terms of financial payback and future impact.

Our tools handhold homeowners from planning all the way through to quality checking post on-site works.  We partner with a range of organisations who support their communities and customers on their energy efficiency journey. Organisations can licence our energy modelling platform or procure homeowner services for enterprise.