“Delivering a novel permeable pavement”
The need to mitigate against flooding is ever greater with growing urbanisation and climate change. Permeable pavement is a viable solution but this is not currently utilised on a large scale due to inherent drawbacks. Conventional permeable pavements are prone to clogging by sediments, have low strength and require regular maintenance. These problems mean that conventional permeable pavements are ill-suited for deployment in places most in need of protection from flooding – and where they are deployed, premature clogging invariably degrades performance and service life.
After extensive research and testing, we have developed a new form of permeable pavement: Kiacrete. Specifically engineered with novel pore structure that allows storm-water to drain rapidly without clogging. Kiacrete is ten times more permeable than anything that has come before, extremely high strength and resistant to blockage, ensuring continued high performance. Scalable: cast in-situ or delivered as pre-cast tiles. Kiacrete offers a wide range of applications, a reliable and sustainable solution to surface flooding. A truly next generation permeable pavement. Unrivalled performance.
Available for trialling and piloting.