We are developing autonomous delivery drones which are powered by lipo batteries or hydrogen fuel and can hold a maximum payload of 10KG.
Are drones are being built and designed to carry goods from one warehouse/hub to another.
Within our fuselage we have created/designed payload dispensing technology that will be used to lift, carry, and unload goods. Unlike our competitors who’s drones can only carry one item at a time, we are developing a ‘multi-drop’ mechanism that can give our fuselage the ability to hold up to 3-5 separate items.

We have almost finished the development of our proprietary flight controller/autopilot software, and we will get a patent for it once it has been completed.

The aim is to use the delivery drones to present a new efficient, carbon-neutral alternative to the current final mile delivery system that’s currently in use.
We integrate our drone distribution system into the infrastructure of a logistics company and provide a network of end-customer collection hubs. A hub-to-hub delivery system is created from this to allow efficient movement of goods.