Mileage tracking service Autotrip is now available for drivers to use as a mobile app.

Brill Power

Battery management and control technology to increase the lifetime and reliability of lithium-ion battery packs for stationary energy storage and electric vehicles.

Carbon Infinity

Direct air capture (DAC) technology that converts CO2 to carbon neutral transportation fuels and industrial products.


Revolutionising the Internal Combustion Engine and making them fit for purpose in the 21st century – power units operate on bio-fuels and Hydrogen which result in net zero carbon emissions.

Clipper Automotive

Clipper Automotive is an independent UK-based company, specialising in electric taxis. We upgrade iconic British TX4 black cabs to be 100% electric and emission-free.


Integrated urban mobility solutions (i.e. bicycle cover solution for transporting bikes in taxis)

Ecosy Travel

A booking platform that will help users find flightless trips by train and boat to sustainable hotels


Data analytics services that help businesses and planners control the life cycle of public charging infrastructure.

Honeycomb Network

Development and operation of a subscription-based network of smart charging and storage pods across the UK for e-scooters and ebikes.


Sustainable transport solution moving goods through small pipes, aiming to address the explosive growth in online shopping.

New Bike Team

A sustainable e-bike lease service, customisable (e.g. add baby carriers and child seats, baskets or luggage racks Рeven the colour!),  inclusive of servicing.

OSOL Global

A Strong Commitment to Developing Sustainable Future by helping societies and organizations to choose and apply their optimal technologies and effectively utilize their resources

Park Eagle

Smart Parking technologies to make your city efficient and sustainable, solving your most complex parking problems with the best technical talent