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Get your business Net Zero ready

Join the hundreds of London businesses committing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and cutting energy bills.

We provide FREE net zero support for busy SME leaders, that educates, inspires and provides the tools needed to beat the energy crisis and prepare your business for the future.

Would you like to have a chat with a specialist about your business carbon footprint or ask some advice about how you can reduce your business energy bills?

Funded by the Mayor of London

Why go net zero?

Net zero presents a key strategy for growth. Going green will benefit your company’s bottom-line and help it stay competitive.

Values & Reputation

Align your business purpose with a worthwhile goal that your employees and customers care about.

Save Money

Carbon equals costs and taking steps to reduce your energy consumption will save you money.

Futureproof your business

Don’t miss out on winning contracts, prepare for regulatory changes and the possibility of mandatory emissions reporting.


Take this opportunity to rethink how you conduct business to solve problems and win new customers.

Protect the planet

Do your bit to reduce global warming and keep Earth’s temperature on a 1.5°c pathway.


For every SME to understand what net zero is and how they can get there, so they can be more resilient and grow responsibly.


To offer practical and accessible support so that every London SME can survive the energy crisis, take advantage of new opportunities and make a positive difference.

How do we help you get to net zero?


Our 8-part webinar series and workshops, facilitated by industry and environmental specialists, will teach you how your business can get to net zero. Connect with like-minded businesses and a support network to discuss common challenges.


You can’t manage what you don’t know. Measure your business footprint for free with Climate Essential’s carbon management platform and make a tailored reduction plan, to start cutting your energy bills. You can also book in for an on-site energy audit with an energy expert, or have a chat with a carbon specialist. 


Make a pledge on the SME Climate Hub to be part of the growing community of SMEs committing to net zero.


By completing the programme, you’ll receive a digital badge free to use on all your communications and digital channels.

Would you like to have a chat with a specialist about your business carbon footprint or ask some advice about how you can reduce your business energy bills?

Net Zero hero case studies

Meet London's businesses that have made a commitment to reach net zero by 2030

Programme Partners


We have selected a pool of environmental and industry specialists who provide the latest intel, facilitate workshops and give bespoke advice to businesses.


We work with Local Authorities, Business Improvement Districts and Chambers of Commerce to collaborate on events and spread the word.


We invite London businesses to provide live case studies and share their experiences.

Funded by the the UK Government's Shared Prosperity Fund to support London's journey to net zero

This support is eligible to London-based businesses that:

Employ at least 2 and up to a maximum of 249 full time equivalent employees (FTE) 

Generate revenue from £100k up to maximum £43million