Aardra Systems Ltd

Our system senses the moisture in the soil and replenishes adequate moisture automatically for the plants. Designed for gardens, landscaping projects and farms, it can be integrated into existing irrigation systems. Not only does the system introduce automation but saves water up to 70% and contributes towards reducing water costs and promoting improved yields.

We are a Research and Development Company based in London. The company was formed by a pool of four professionals that has vast experience in fields of Agricultural, Electronic research and innovation together with marketing and branding in various part of the world.  In the present economic and climatic environment, resources like water for example is wasted in some places and reduced to drought condition and as a result it has become one of the contributors to global temperatures.

Deforestation, water wastage are on the rise. Our vision is to conserve water intelligently and promote plant life to enhance to its maximum with keeping in view the effect on economy or consumer demand.