Conscious shopping in the bag
Promote, spend and save with brands that are kind to people and the planet, simply by carrying one of our eco-friendly, reusable smart bags.
Bagboard is a conscious online shopping platform which empowers you to promote, pick and purchase from brands who are kind to people and the planet.
We partner with conscious brands and feature their campaigns on eco-friendly, reusable, recyclable paper smart bags, replacing single-use plastic bags in selected independent stores in London.  Through the Bagboard app, we get people to reuse smart bags around the city. Promoting that conscious brand as you walk, ride or kick back in a cosy coffee shop.  For every journey you make with your smart bag, our app will work out how many people will have seen the campaign you’re promoting. And it’ll reward you for your efforts. These rewards are called conscious coins. It’s our new digital currency which you can spend back on cool products and services from our conscious brand partners via our app.

And that’s not all. Because every time you reuse your smart bag, you’ll also help remove and recycle ocean-bound plastic, thanks to our partnership with NGO Plastic Bank.