Beagle Button

Technology that allows you to shop as normal, showing sustainable alternatives for purchases.
An intelligent app that allows personalisation – if you’ve picked a specific sustainability area as one of your preferences, it will be prioritised when finding recommendations.
Beagle scours the internet for mission-driven brands that are committed to producing sustainable products matching a set of sustainability tags.
The products are then reviewed ensuring they meet the sustainability credentials through a scoring system against 5 sustainability pillars: reduce waste, minimise emissions, support workers, protect animals, and avoid chemical usage. Where relevant they work with certifying bodies to test the claims that brands make. Customers’ reviews are also used to ‘score’ products.
Products that pass these tests are added to the Beagle database with their sustainability score. When browsing online, the database is cross referenced to find the products that best match what you are looking at as well as your sustainability preferences.
Constant reassessment of the products, as well as searching for new ones keeps the database fresh and up-to-date.