Climate Tracking From Crop to Shop – The World’s First Digital Carbon Label
Designed For Sustainable Fashion Brands

Blu-Label is on a mission to reduce fashion’s carbon footprint by empowering brands to manufacture more responsibly and lower their impact on climate change. Each year the average fashion shopper is responsible for 330Kg of Green House Gas Emissions. To lower fashion’s climate impact, sustainable brands need greater transparency about where and how items are made, enabling shoppers to buy better for the planet.

All sustainable brands have environmental purpose, but they are still producing millions of tonnes of polluting carbon emissions. But what if brands had access to a low-cost way to measure their footprint at every stage of supply chains allowing them to see exactly how and where emissions are generated? At Blu-Label, we believe that sustainability tools should be accessible to all brands, from emerging designers and micro brands all the way up to enterprise level.

The Blu-Label gives customers verifiable proof of a product’s carbon footprint. Being awarded a Blu-Label shows customers which products are climate-friendly and are moving to a zero-carbon future. Each Blu-Label tag has a scannable QR code that links directly to a smart label stored on our blockchain where customers can see the entire product journey all the way back to the farm.

Our unique Climact-ID is designed from an environmental framework of 72 KPIs that shows where you are concentrating efforts to earn climate hero status and where you need to work harder!

We are all on a race to decarbonise during this decade to stop global warming from rising above 2C. Every single decision you make on where and how you produce your goods has a direct impact on climate change.