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Only buy things once. Love things that last.
It’s an idea that extends far beyond Buy Me Once, but it defines everything we do.
We only sell long-lasting products that we as a team can stand behind. To ensure everything is made to last, we examine the products themselves, their manufacturing story, and develop meaningful relationships with the makers. We only work with people we trust.
We offer exclusive warranties on products we truly believe in. We’ll take products off our site if we find they’re not up to scratch.
In a world that’s always trying to sell you more stuff, we want to be different. We’re committed to changing the way we shop, from buying for the short term to buying once.
When we buy once we build deeper connections with the things we own. When it gets ‘old’ we don’t throw it away – we restore it, polish it or fix it. We understand that the things you will love the most only get better with age.
Buying once turns a purchase into a lifelong possession.