Carbon Infinity

Carbon Infinity is developing a modular technology which removes carbon dioxide from the air and converts this harmful greenhouse gas into carbon neutral transportation fuels and industrial products.  Our Direct Air Capture (DAC) modules extract this abundant atmospheric resource – CO– to be stored deep underground or transformed into high value carbon-based products including synthetic fuels, carbon nanotubes and COenriched concrete; closing the carbon cycle and powering our energy and industrial economy towards a carbon negative future.

DAC technology has the potential to address the drawbacks of these present alternative solutions. Direct air capture creates a concentrated stream of carbon dioxide, which can either be sequestered as a negative emission technology, or utilised as a feedstock to develop carbon-based products. One of those such products is synthetic fuels. These fuels, developed by the widely established Fischer-Tropsch process, are chemically identical to conventional fossil-based kerosene jet fuel however can be derived solely from renewable energy, air and water.

Direct air capture offers a highly scalable means of decarbonising the aviation industry through the production of carbon-neutral synthetic jet fuel. Significant challenges do remain in bringing DAC technology to broad-based adoption, largely surrounding cost and scale of deployment. However in light of all other solutions to decarbonise the aviation industry, direct air capture remains the most viable option to making the highways above us carbon-neutral, and to starting the journey to a carbon negative world.