We empower better business through traceability.
We provide Traceability-as-a-Service, to verify responsible sourcing, to underpin effective recycling and to improve efficiency. We reach parts of OEM’s supply chains that most currently have little real visibility into.
Circulor supports manufacturers to address the UN Sustainability Goals.
We use a symphony of technologies from a host of best of breed sources, plus our own proprietary applications, to reliably give a commodity an identity and to track supply chain data along the journey from source to consumption.
Within mapped supply chains we prove responsible sourcing, demonstrate sustainable production and underpin effective recycling and reverse logistics.
Supply chains are networks and no one Manufacturer/OEM can create visibility in their own supply chain alone. We build supply chain networks and utilise data insights cross these networks to better identify issues within them.
In Latin, the word Circulor means ‘to form groups’. Enabling the network effect is our real value.