Clipper Automotive

Our cabs are a low-cost, low-risk solution for providing cleaner air in your town or city.
We can help you to make an immediate and visible impact on your net zero carbon targets.  We upgrade iconic British TX4 black cabs to be 100% electric and emission-free.
We have developed a unique system for integrating electric vehicle technology into black cabs

  • * Reuse of existing equipment means that Clipper Cabs have some of the lowest overall carbon footprints of any vehicles on the road.
  • * 40kWh batteries give 150 mile+ range (with 80kwh / 200 mile+ upgrades planned for 2022).
  • * Onboard rapid charging (50kW CHAdeMO for up to 80% charge in 40 minutes).
  • * The cabs also include a 10 kW home-charger as standard.
  • * They are DVLA-registered as fully electric vehicles.
  • * Engineered to ECEReg 100 electrical safety standards, and are inspected by the VCA.
  • * The cost of each converted vehicle is £50,000 – cheaper than other available electric taxis.