Corrie Energy

Our hybrid solar tracker is focused on extending the geographic range of a solar trackers to high latitude markets such as the UK. It increases solar yields by up to 20%.

Our team has wide experience of the range of conventional and emerging energy technologies. We have advised and supported small and large companies, private individuals and corporate investors as well as government and industry.

Our approach is straightforward; we provide the advice and support you need to help you achieve your aims. This can be through consultancy advice and reports, technical and financial modelling or in partnership with developers and funders to implement projects. We have worked in the kW to MW scale of projects.

Projects also include: Development of energy storage technologies and understanding the markets in which they will have to operate; Site screening of land assets for renewable energy development; Energy surveys and advice on economic opportunities to save energy, emissions and money; Working with architects to create low-energy comfortable cost-effective buildings which integrate appropriate technologies and products from the design concept stage.