Creol is a company focused on empowering people and businesses to help them lower their impact on the planet.  We have solutions for individuals and businesses with our subscriptions, one-off purchases and IoT building control systems. Our wireless IoT building control systems allow individual users full climatic controls of their personal space, create verified Green Buildings, earn money for landlords, whilst helping the planet.
Certification based on reputation. The Creol certification is built on three factors, Carbon reductions, Offsets, and time.
We believe in reducing the impact on the planet and helping our customers track their achievements and goals over time. Creol purchases verified Carbon Credits on our clients’ behalf and offsets them automatically. The only way to make a real impact is to keep making impact! We track your achievements and commitments over time.
Offset subscriptions for people to become Carbon neutral or positive. Our tools help you calculate your impact, offset it and help you reduce it over time with weekly challenges.  Creol also offers Offset subscriptions for business owners these are bases on the number of employees and our offsets can include emissions from their home, travel, food and more.