Introducing DAM (Distributed Additive Manufacturing) — We specialise in sustainable additive manufacturing; our mission is to use localised sustainable manufacturing to build functional products with the ultimate aim of forming circular economies for upcycling waste.

We can convert recyclable material into sustainable mechanical masterpieces, which we have done with many partners like Mini Cooper, Formula E and BMW using our state-of-the-art London’s largest 3D printer.

Our mission is to re-purpose waste and recycle it into new product that provide a solution.  We believe that to ensure a technology is embraced by all it must remain affordable and approachable. All our projects aim to minimise waste through careful design for additive manufacture and use hardware designed for longevity. With both founders having a close relation to the ocean we try to ensure our material is sourced from marine and ocean waste. This includes DAM strong our composite material comprised of recycled fishing nets and recycled carbon fibre.

We work closely with our materials partners Reflow to develop unique recycled materials. These range form experimental to engineering grade recycled composite filaments.