Small robots. Big power.
We are a UK based company with an international team, working hard to materialize the technology of tomorrow, today.
Our mission is to bring autonomous, AI-enhanced robotics capabilities out of the lab and into the real world of Sport Turf management and Agro-Industry. Our O.S.C.A.R robotic control platform and our family of connected robots bring a new approach to old problems.
We aim to create a cost-efficient approach to grounds keeping and agricultural needs, focusing on the small to tackle the big. Our robots and platform are being designed to work in large numbers, simultaneously.  Currently three solutions.
O.S.C.A.R. WEB/MOBILE PLATFORM (Optimised Smart 5G Controlled Ai Robot)
OSCAR enhances the power of the hive. Using 5G connectivity, the platform allows real time communication speeds. This gives OSCAR the ability to coordinate multiple robots in order to complete a task. Using our app or web service, you will be able to log into any unit to monitor, giving you peace of mind. OSCAR Collects useful data from the sensors and through a flexible dashboard you will be able to visualise processed key data to maximise your profit and reduce costs: ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ – (P. Druker)
Sprout is our Sport Turf oriented solution to data gathering. Sprout is an autonomous platform designed to roam football pitches, golf courses and any other high performance grass pitches that require intensive care and updated and precise information on plant health.  Its AI enhanced capabilities in conjunction with the OSCAR platform grant Sprout the ability to aquire data from specific waypoints in any given area with precise repeatability for long term data set analysis.
Nano-Agro is our first incursion into the field of applied robotics. The Agro is a light, versatile, small footprint platform designed mainly as a mechanical weeder for inter-row weed removal. Several tooling options are available to suit your specific needs. Its AI enhanced capabilities in conjunction with the OSCAR platform and the ability to operate several units simultaneously turn the Agro into a new, cost-efficient alternative to traditional weeding with bigger, more expensive units.