ENSO is developing sustainable tyres for electric vehicles, delivering sustainable mobility by improving the performance and environmental impact of tyres.  ENSO is looking to deliver tyres with uncompromised performance, without passing the cost to drivers or the environment, moving electric vehicles to a truly sustainable future.  Climate change and poor air quality affects us all and tyres are part of the problem. ENSO’s durable designs tread lightly on our planet by keeping the rubber on the road and out of our air and oceans.
ENSO’s tyres will allow you to go further. Their energy efficient designs extend your electric driving range and deliver the highest levels of performance and safety.  Alternatively, the reduction in energy consumption per mile can directly reduce electricity costs. Either way there is a natural reduction of CO2 emissions.
An ‘ENSO’ in Zen Buddhism is a hand-drawn circle, symbolizing strength, elegance, and the circularity of nature.



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