EnergyPro Asset Management Limited (EPAM), is raising £2 million of equity funding to advance its strategy of bridging the energy transitions in the UK and India through technology transfer and investment.

The aim is to use the growth funding to bring UK companies and investment to opportunities in the $12 billion Indian energy efficiency market. EPAM will employ the equity to identify and execute transactions that provide technology and know-how that help India drive towards greater energy efficiency. This will also generate opportunities for UK-based companies working in the energy transition seeking to enter the Indian market, creating measurable economic and social impact and developing further revenue and investment opportunities for EPAM.

EESL EnergyPro Assets Ltd (EPAL), EPAM’s joint venture with the Indian Government’s energy service company (EESL), has been named the fastest-growing Indian owned company in the UK in research by accountancy and consulting firm Grant Thornton in conjunction with the Confederation of Indian Industry. EESL itself is backed by the Indian Ministry of Power and four state energy companies.