Gideon is a mobile app that via the cloud and the users’ local wifi network can interact with and control multiple devices from multiple manufacturers. We are independent and work with existing and emerging manufacturers to add more devices to the platform.
Gideon already boasts relationships with over 30 manufacturers and an ability to support over 300 different devices, including coexistence with a number of smart home hubs. Gideon also invests in technologies that make the smart home even simpler to manage. We use artificial intelligence techniques to suggest improvements in home management and resource consumption, have integrated usability features such as voice activation, provide integrated device management and allow the user to build and tailor home management scenarios.
A smart home platform in use by Telefonica and a range of other global partners; provides an alternative to competing platforms operated by tech superpowers (who are unable to work together). Essential to roll out ‘smart home’ sustainability products.