Used beauty packaging isn’t waste, it’s a raw material with the potential to be repurposed. But it is a waste when it’s not disposed of properly. We want to give people and businesses the opportunity to put it in the right hands.  We are progressive and are prepared to tackle the big problems that brands and consumers can’t face on their on own.

We work hard to collect beauty waste.  Then we work with our partners to reprocess the material. Sometimes it goes back to packaging manufacturers. Sometimes we reuse it to create our HANDLES. We do it because it feels like we should and because we can.

We’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, so share your knowledge.

The beauty industry who knows it needs to do more. For people who want to buy beauty products, but would rather they didn’t cost the earth. For other makers of beauty, supplying them with the raw materials to produce ethical products. We want to say we made a difference, that we started something. Someone ought to do it, so why not us?