Herb is making truly sustainable, seriously delicious and genuinely accessible vegetarian and vegan goodies.
Bringing an easy going all-day experience, we hope to provide an environment that becomes the highlight of your day. Making amazing food and your favourite coffee or beer in your friendly neighbourhood cafe and bar.

At Herb we believe that as businesses, suppliers and buyers have a duty to make taking action in daily food choices easier – the idea of Herb was born. A total solution, merging farms, supply chain and restaurant to provide customers with delicious, plant based options that they can feel truly good about (and even see where it was freshly harvested from that day!) We have been able to achieve this wonderful farm-restaurant hybrid through the power of hydroponics.

Hydroponic farming is the high tech answer to plant based food production, enabling us to grow plants without soil, by using mineral nutrient solutions and maximising space and efficiency by growing vertically instead of laterally. This vertical growth space allows us not only to grow our ingredients on site, without any travel miles, but also to maximise space and grow way more per square meter.