Hydraulic Ram Pumps (HRPs) were invented over 200 years ago. They use the hydraulic potential energy of the water they pump, require minimal infrastructure and, being very simple and robust machines, need little by way of maintenance. They require no external energy source other than the potential energy of the water that they pump. HRPs also have only two moving parts. This makes them a valuable source of green energy, HRPs were very popular at the start of the 19th and end of the 20th centuries, but have since suffered from a lack of research and understanding of their potential. As a result, HRPs have been superseded by electrical equivalents.
Hydrohammer is on a mission to change this. Their project involves the development a Hydraulic Ram Pump Simulator, to further understand Hydraulic Ram Pumps, to update existing Hydraulic Ram Pump Designs to improve efficiency, to investigate new uses for Hydraulic Ram Pumps and research the social impact of Hydraulic Ram Pumps.
It is an early-stage research project looking to revive and improve an eco-friendly technology. Hydrohammer would be interested in hearing from industrial partners, researchers or other interested parties to take this project forward.