Hyre Energy

Our fully managed zero-emissions systems power businesses to build, sustain and maintain, while accelerating towards their net-zero and clean air targets.

We deliver a better, environmentally sustainable and practical alternative to polluting diesel generators.

The transition to fuel cells has allowed hyre energy to re-evaluate the design and function of off-grid energy. hyre energy’s intelligently designed fuel cell systems and tanks are based around ISO standard material handling dimensions. By focusing on key markets our logistics model allows us to use the current hydrogen supply chain to economically support our projects.

ISO dimension framed composite tanks modules energy tanks can be transported full and used to replace out an empty tank. Alternatively, they can be refilled on site. Our flexible logistics models meet the customer needs: we will offer a fuelling service to schedule green hydrogen fuel deliveries as and when required.

No need for our tanks to be bunded. A bunded fuel tank is simply a tank within a tank. The fuel is stored in the inner tank and the outer tank acts as a failsafe so that in the event of a spillage, excess fuel will collect in the bund. Of course, that makes the tank double the size and adds significant weight. Our units use existing pallet and container dimensions. hyre energy can use existing & consolidated shipping modes, hyre energy can offer cost-effective, intermodal transport solutions.