Machines that recycle food waste using enzymes to break down food. The residues are then transformed into something else.
We are a UK biotechnology company specialising in food sustainability.
We draw on our innovative research, development and consulting capabilities to address the sustainability challenges faced by food producers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, consumers and governments, globally.
iZyme is a significant disruption in food waste management technologies. It completely changes the game for organisations looking for sustainable solutions to their waste challenges – in two key ways.
Firstly, it improves their profitability, through clean and efficient technology. Secondly, it helps them to make real contributions to food sustainability, in line with their overall SDG strategies.
iZyme combines innovative research with advanced environmental engineering to deliver real, triple bottom-line value, in industrial, commercial and residential environments.
This flagship innovation will be launched globally in 2021 on September 29th, the UN International of Awareness Day of
Food Loss and Waste.