Junee is a sustainability perk for the new-and-improved workplace and restaurant. Help your employees ditch disposables while supporting local restaurants. A company partnership with Junee means your employees can…
1. Borrow – Request lunch in a free-to-borrow Junee bowl at partner restaurants with a simple phone scan in the Junee app
2. Eat – Enjoy lunch back at the office
3. Return – Drop empty bowls in a Junee return bin, conveniently located at your workplace. Scan to complete the return process
4. Repeat – That’s it! We pick up and clean Junees for your next workday lunch

B2B offerings for companies and restaurants.
For companies it’s visible and engaging and a clear way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, bringing you one step closer to being a (single-use) plastic-free workplace. Measurable impact. Our impact dashboard shows waste & CO2 savings across your workplace.
For your restaurants, Junee provides an affordable sustainability option. At just 20p per use, Junee can help you save on sustainable packaging.