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KYnergy® Infrared embedded fabrics feature specially designed fibres which contain carefully selected natural minerals. These minerals are selected for their ability to absorb otherwise wasted energy from the wearer and surrounding light. The energy is then converted into a targeted region of the infrared light spectrum, which causes an array of positive biological effects. We target a specific area of infrared because of the very specific effects it has to aid, support and enhance human performance and recovery. Unlike other infrared technologies on the market, our technology is locked into the fibres and can never escape until the materials are recycled, the technology is built to last the life cycle of the garment. This means that our technology will never lose its effectiveness and will never fail you.  KYMIRA® Sport is the flagship sportswear brand of KYMIRA®, one of the leading smart textile companies in the world.
KYMIRA® products enhance performance, accelerate recovery and reduce the chances of an athlete becoming injured, allowing you to push harder, go further and recover quicker. In addition they are used to help those with medical conditions to manage and  treat their symptoms