We make your buildings healthy.  The IoT solution that transforms your building into an efficient and healthy space, by automating HVAC controls based on real-time occupancy levels.

Wasted energy, in the form of lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), can be reduced if corporations adopt a long-term mindset towards tackling climate change by incorporating energy saving principles into their infrastructure. We have observed that energy in buildings is wasted, because spaces are unused or lighting & HVAC systems are preset without any smart way of regulating energy usage throughout the day.

Our mission is to tackle climate change by helping to reduce wasted energy in commercial spaces and accelerate the movement towards net zero carbon buildings.

We have identified a need for a low cost real-time occupancy detection solution to optimise building controls and reduce waste in 3 ways:

1) Enable savings and reduce CO2 emissions: Our sensors integrate into Building Management System (BMS) within minutes to enable pro-active automated HVAC control to boost efficiency of controls to reduce energy bills and related CO2 emissions from operational use.

2) Optimise space: our hardware and IoT solution detects live (anonymous) occupancy levels based on the presence of WiFi signals from mobile and laptop devices. The installation takes only 10 minutes. This data is fed-back to our online platform for analysis by our team.

3) Improve human working environment: We not only measure indoor air quality, but also actively improve it through our BMS integration capability!  We want to solve the issue of health and wellbeing in the workplace.