We develop sustainable and cost-effective advanced materials and thin films, such as metal oxide particles, with sizes ranging from nano to macro, for widespread applications.
We are focused on reducing the impact manufacturing has on our environment by replacing outdated technologies that waste energy and  pollute the environment. More than that, we are making our materials in a smarter and more innovative way, that will allow us to sell advanced materials at prices competitive with bulk materials. In short, that will allow us to help you make and use better products.
Products using zinc oxide are ubiquitous, where applications including ZnO produced either by mass or advanced particle production.  The industries and applications are diverse, including: tyres, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, paints, electronics and cosmetics.  Moreover, there are a host of emerging applications based on advanced ZnO including: biomedical and therapeutic applications (e.g. anticancer and antibacterial), catalysis, biosensor, gas sensing applications, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), electronics, batteries, energy storage and solar panels.