New Bike Team

We build and lease sustainable e-bikes – this is the easiest way for you to ride an electric bike.
A lease service, customisable (e.g. add baby carriers and child seats, baskets or luggage racks – even the colour!),  inclusive of servicing.

Our bikes start life as beautiful steel frames that have served humanoids through 000’s of miles of cycling and already offset the carbon required to pull the iron out of the ground and process the steel.  We strive to be carbon neutral at every stage of our production, distribution, use, re-use and disposal of any products and services we use or supply. Our bikes are converted using state-of-the-art technology to mid-drive e-bikes and leased to you. The motors are supplied by Bafang – which also supplies many of the largest e-bike hire businesses around the world.
From the moment you reserve your bike we provide local and personal support. From choosing your add-ons through to bike fitting and ongoing road support. If you need roadside assistance we’ll be there!
Donate – Through our charity partner, Cycle of Good, a bike is given to Charity when you reserve your e-bike. These bikes go on to support the successful growth of social enterprise in Malawi, Africa.