OptimalSlope is intelligent software that designs optimal mine pitwalls. Because of the optimality of the pitwall shape, the amount of waste rock to be excavated is substantially reduced and so in turn the cost of excavation resulting in higher profits and lower carbon footprint.

The excavation of a mine incurs costs typically in the order of hundreds of million USD. Lower costs allow higher profitability and more mining projects coming to fruition.  Mining is a highly carbon intensive industry needing urgent solutions to reduce mining carbon footprint.

OptimalSlope has been tested on 4 peer reviewed case studies of small-medium metalliferous mines with increases of Net Present Value obtained in comparison with the design based on traditional methodology of up to 52%.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

OptimalSlope helps mining companies towards their ESG objectives. Adopting the pitwall profiles determined by OptimalSlope leads to average reductions of CO2 equivalent emissions of 30,000 tonnes a year per mine. If our solution was adopted in all mines, a reduction of 150 million tonnes of CO2 a year could be achieved.

Intelligent and efficient mining design 

OptimalSlope replaces the need for time consuming back and forth between geotechnical and mining teams in the strategic life-of-mine design phase. The output of OptimalSlope can be fed directly into the pit optimiser of choice to work out pushbacks and the Ultimate Pit Limit.