OSOL Global

A Strong Commitment to Developing Sustainable Future by helping societies and organisations to choose and apply their optimal technologies and effectively utilize their resources.
OSOL Technical Solutions covers both Engineering Solutions and Specialized Supply Services.
Engineering Solutions provides complete engineering analysis, design, and supply services in the Sustainable efficiency area which covers:

  • Efficient and clean energy production, especially utilizing locally accessible Renewable Energy sources.
  • Analysing and identifying the best opportunities for Smart Utilization of available energy, and the energy savings methods ranging from equipment selection, control, and maintenance actions.
  • Identifying Waste Energy Recovery opportunities and needed systems to enable best utilization of otherwise wasted energy.
  • Selection and Supply of Energy-Optimized Industrial Components and Consumables.

Selected Technologies in focus :

  • Affordable Clean Electric Transport Solutions
  • Smart and “Net Zero Energy Buildings” Technologies
  • Microgrids for decentralized power generation
  • Low temperature Waste Heat Recovery using ORC
  • Industrial water heating using Solar Energy
  • Solar Powered Water Desalination Systems