Pelation is a cycle technology company that deploys innovative design and engineering to eliminate sustainable mobility barriers.
64% cyclists in London feel stressed on the road and 9 out of 10 experience a close pass overtake weekly.
We’re on a mission to end this with REBO and create safer and happier urban journeys worldwide.  Rebo is a smart bike light and dashcam, designed to reduce near misses and record incidents.

Our unique eye design tackles the behavioural psychology of those moving around cyclists. We use the proven ‘watching eye’ effect to nudge safer behaviour on the road for drivers to pass wider and to humanize cyclists as road users.

With a click of our handlebar button, you can capture all details at any point of your ride: video footage, your location, plate numbers, and more.  Review and download incidents recorded, or feedback directly to improve infrastructure in your area. Contribute directly to data and insights to feed into infrastructure changes with every click.

We use the aggregated data to detect and generate cycling near miss hot spot maps to feed into infrastructure planning to stop near misses and collisions from happening.

We believe in planning preventatively instead of reactively through our predictive algorithms.

We are always looking to trial with councils or private organisations looking to improve their methods with our data.