Powervault designs and manufactures smart energy storage systems, which store solar and grid electricity to reduce energy bills and increase energy efficiency.
Powervault stores surplus solar power and low-cost electricity from the grid, supplying the home more cost-effectively. Powervault’s intelligent software is compatible with all Time-of-Use electricity tariffs, including Octopus Agile, so users with or without solar can benefit from lower bills.
Added benefits of belonging to the Powervault community – by signing up to our GridFLEX™ platform you can earn an extra £120/year guaranteed for joining our community of batteries supporting the electricity grid nationwide.
By storing solar electricity during the day and low-cost electricity overnight, Powervault shifts your energy usage to times of day when carbon emissions are lower. This reduces the climate impact of the power you use and helps alleviate the UK’s dependence on creaking old fossil fuel infrastructure.
Working closely with energy suppliers, DNOs and National Grid, our GridFLEX platform optimises fleets of Powervault batteries installed across the UK to provide flexibility and in turn helping to decarbonise the network. By intelligently ‘turning up’ or ‘turning down’ home energy usage we can help balance the grid and make the most of renewable generation.
Also – Powervault has developed the UK’s first energy storage system giving a ‘Second Life’ to batteries that have been used in Renault and Nissan electric vehicles. The Powervault 3eco is a durable, low-cost, low-impact solution driving the shift to a circular economy.