SafetyNet Technologies

Trusted and valued solutions that enable sustainable practices in the fishing industry.
SafetyNet Technologies uses light emitting devices to help fishermen catch the right fish and tackle some of the biggest issues facing the commercial fishing industry.
Currently, about 1 out of every 10 fish caught is unmarketable, endangered or too small to land legally, leading to 16m tons of fish wasted every year globally and up to 20% wasted space on vessels. This leads to great environmental, economic, and ecological cost as oceans are being depleted, coastal communities suffer, and the demand in food supply is not being met.
There is now new legislation, such as the EU Discard Ban, that makes discarding illegal, but a lack of technical solutions to enable sustainable fishing means it is difficult for fishermen to easily comply.
We have developed Pisces, a bycatch reduction shield that could lower bycatch by 90% and improve fishing revenues by up to 25% – saving more fish, helping fishermen, and protecting an increasingly essential food source now and for the future.