Saved Food

The urgency for sustainable food alternatives will only continue to rise as the population keeps on growing and resources shrinking. So at Saved, we are incorporating alternative proteins into our diet using insects. Saved transforms traditionally high carb staples into nutrient-rich foods fortified with organic insect-based protein.

You won’t see the insect, smell it or taste it! Don’t worry, we are making your life easier, we hide it from you, using it as a superfood ingredient just like flour but you are still getting all the nutrition.

We make the food you love more nutritious (reducing the carbs, increasing the proteins & vitamins). We are all about guilt-free food & the power of convenient 2-in-1 foods.

With Saved, you already have the protein equivalent of a steak/portion, so just add the sauce or toppings and off you go! The most sustainable animal protein & most digestible protein vs. plant-based options.

We are aiming to have our first batch of products out in Q2 2022, just in time for Taste of London 2022.