SEAB Power

Industrial appliance which allows user to convert organic waste into energy and recover water and fertiliser from the waste. Can be integrated into buildings for urban applications.

Make your own green energy – On-site containerised energy from waste

Generate clean energy from your organic waste; reduce your energy bills as well as your carbon footprint

Why are you still paying for someone to move your waste? With Flexibuster™ you can convert your own waste into clean energy and high quality fertiliser.
Designed to capture the energy locked up in a wide range of organic waste streams, Flexibuster is an ideal solution for any business producing 300kg to 2500kg of organic waste on a daily basis. Delivered to site ready to plug-and-play, the Flexibuster containerised anaerobic digester includes a pasteurisation process and safely turns all types of food waste into useful and valuable energy.

Designed to deal with slurry, sludge and a wide variety of similar waste streams, the Muckbuster is a fully-functional, automated anaerobic digester that turns problematic farm waste or sewage into useful energy and offers a financially viable solution with short pay back periods.

Waste is bad for the environment. Fossil fuels are not sustainable. Our technology turns that waste problem into free, clean energy