Cement production accounts for 8% of all global CO2 emissions. To mitigate this, we need alternative materials. Seratech produces a novel supplementary cementitious material (SCM) that can be used to replace a proportion of the Portland cement in concrete. This SCM has a negative embodied carbon due to a sequestration step in the production process that is tailored to capture waste CO2 gas from a cement kiln as a carbonate mineral that can be used in the concrete, sold or permanently stored underground. Our material can capture all the waste CO2 from the cement kiln, resulting in carbon neutral concrete.

Carbon-capture made easy and cheap
In a simple chemical process, we use carbon mineralisation to absorb CO2 emissions at source using flue gases directly from major CO2 emitting industries such as energy generation and cement manufacture. This is the safest and most long-lived form of carbon capture and storage (CCS) currently available and uses raw materials that are abundant and inexpensive.

A product that has high value in construction
The unique advantage of our process is that the product derived from it is very valuable and in high demand in the construction industry. It is cementitious material that can be used as a replacement for cement in concrete – the lifeblood of construction world-wide. It is comparable to fly ash, a by-product from coal power stations, which is currently used to reduce cement content in concrete, but is available in reducing quantities as energy generation shifts towards more renewable sources. Our product will fill this growing gap as the “new fly ash”. Concrete is an essential part of global construction, but cement manufacture is already responsible for over 8% of global CO2 emissions. This is unavoidable since production requires breaking down limestone into cement, releasing CO2. For construction to continue to support world development its carbon footprint must be reduced. Seratech provides a way forward for construction, globally.

The double-value of Seratech: Carbon neutral concrete
When our process takes CO2 directly from the flue gases produced by a cement manufacturing kiln, and our product is used as a cement replacement in concrete, we can create a truly carbon neutral concrete. To achieve this requires around 35% of the cement to be replaced with Sera, a mix which is already proven to provide excellent concrete for construction use.

The Future
At Seratech, we have developed a way to capture carbon from multiple industrial production processes and create an end product that can eliminate concrete’s CO2 footprint. This is good news for construction and even better news for our planet. We invite you to get on board!

How can we continue to build new homes, cities and resilient infrastructure so people can flourish yet in doing so, slow down climate change caused by CO2 emissions? We came up with an answer. With leading materials scientists and engineers, we have developed a unique process that delivers efficient, low-cost carbon capture and provides a product that is essential to support future low-carbon construction. This has the potential to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and to support construction to “go green”.