Positive communication for behaviour change – Data driven solutions to supercharge efficiency, maximise profits, and protect the environment.
Signol is a spinoff of academic research project aimed to improve externalities efficiency through behaviour change, the matrix designed in this research had helped a global airline achieve significant fuel use consumption.
A whitelabel customisable app to empower employees to improve their individual efficiency by choosing sustainable business practices based on solid bahavioural research data.  Working in Aviation, Trucking and Maritime their technology empowers employees to be more efficient, one decision at a time.
With strong foundations in economics, environmental problem-solving, psychology and social impact, our mission is to make a big difference to the world through proven changes in behaviour, productivity and happiness.
Signol hits all of this in the right way, along with the lifeblood of any firm: profits. We truly believe we’ve tapped into a special solution – one that could make a real difference to organisational problems – and a moneymaker.