Smart Biogas

Smart Biogas is a real-time monitoring system for biogas digesters, enabling performance insights, asset management, pay as you go, and more accurate emissions reduction calculation and reporting.
Smart Biogas is designed to monitor a large number of biogas systems over a wide geographical area. Our meters collects data on the operation and functionality of biogas plants and provides automatic indicators of issues and faults occurring.
Smart Biogas provides greater transparency for the sector, fostering confidence for all stakeholders and engendering growth.

The biogas sector provides an affordable and clean substitute fuel for cooking. Supported in many places by national targets, it is set for take-off across the Global South.

The potential of biogas is being realised, yet post-installation there is an urgent need to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions. Over 40% of the household biogas digesters surveyed in Sub-Saharan Africa have faults.

The market requires an efficient oversight mechanism with new technical expertise to provide data from inside the digesters to companies and national programmes. New business models are also required to lessen the up-front costs for users.

Smart Biogas addresses these issues with our easy to use software and compact sensing hardware. Designed in close partnership with biogas experts in Kenya, Tanzania, India, Nepal and the UK, Smart Biogas is ready to accelerate sustainable sector growth around the globe.