WeKleen® focuses on solving the biggest environmental challenge for real estate. We currently have two products; WeKleen® Hub & WeKleen® Smart Locker. Our products help facilitate smart cities solutions such as reduce carbon footprint, overconsumption, and wasteful traditional practices. Our aim is to replace out-dated models and apply our innovative practices and infrastructures that include solving current and future viral infections from droplets/surfaces, high volumes of effluent, chemical run offs that flow into our natural water streams that are toxic for the environment and lowering consumption for real estate and property owners that currently negatively produce 35% of carbon emissions. And most importantly, replace water wastage and high consumption costs from using WeKleen® Hub & WeKleen® Smart Locker waterless systems due to the global water shortages by 2050.
WeKleen® Hub:
Full functioning state-of-the-art waterless infrastructure that includes all environmental conscious features. Aims to solve water quality, water wastage and increase water-use efficiency while capitalizing on parking premises.
Stay hyper-connected through our cloud-based parking and logistical solutions.
WeKleen® Hub will integrate and automate the most of your Real-Estate if Eligible whilst becoming a Sustainable Global Service Provider.
Offering self-serve waterless cleaning service for real estate car, e-bike, e-scooter cloud-and logistical solution to capitalise in parking premises.