AgriVijay is India’s first marketplace of  Renewable Energy Products for Farmers & Rural households making them Energy Independent by reducing their dependency on Fossil fuels such as diesel, firewood etc. ,increasing their Savings & contributing to the Climate Change mitigation.

Carbon Infinity

Direct air capture (DAC) technology that converts CO2 to carbon neutral transportation fuels and industrial products.


Platform for reuse, connecting zero waste stores, brands and customers through technology.

Clipper Automotive

Clipper Automotive is an independent UK-based company, specialising in electric taxis. We upgrade iconic British TX4 black cabs to be 100% electric and emission-free.


IoT building control systems to help you calculate your carbon footprint impact, reduce it and offset it.


Robotics solutions to support turf and agriculture management to reduce water and resource management.


Help organisations reduce carbon emissions through community engagement and personal action.


Dynamic energy management platform adapts temperature control to changing occupancy levels to save energy waste.


Data analytics services that help businesses and planners control the life cycle of public charging infrastructure.

Green Clicks

Green Clicks offer major website owners the investment that they need to reduce their website emissions by selling the difference in emissions as carbon offsets

Harvest London

Hydroponic Farming produce grown to order in a controlled environment, allowing a wide variety of produce year-round for London


Platform that connects customers and installers to retrofit their homes and improve energy efficiency in buildings .


Sustainable cleaning products removing single use plastics, using refillable bottles and tabs.

Ideabatic (Smile)

SMILE, Smart Last-mile Cooling System, is a freeze-free and fail-safe carrier that allows the transportation of life-saving vaccines.


Software designed to analyse the efficiency of buildings and analyse the cost benefit of home improvements.


Smart building automation retrofit solution that enables responsive HVAC and lighting to give you a more comfortable and healthier working environment.

Lixea / Chrysalix Technologies

BioFlex process that uses waste wood and agricultural by-products as well as sustainably grown biomass to produce a greener alternative to today’s petrochemical industry


Sustainable transport solution moving goods through small pipes, aiming to address the explosive growth in online shopping.

Mana Biosystems

Technology to address bottlenecks in scaling insect farming as a source of sustainable protein for animal feed in the global south.