AgriVijay is India’s first marketplace of  Renewable Energy Products for Farmers & Rural households making them Energy Independent by reducing their dependency on Fossil fuels such as diesel, firewood etc. ,increasing their Savings & contributing to the Climate Change mitigation.


A Bloomberg terminal for the energy transition publishing the first daily hydrogen cost assessment in the UK for all colours of hydrogen

Brill Power

Battery management and control technology to increase the lifetime and reliability of lithium-ion battery packs for stationary energy storage and electric vehicles.

Carbon Infinity

Direct air capture (DAC) technology that converts CO2 to carbon neutral transportation fuels and industrial products.


Revolutionising the Internal Combustion Engine and making them fit for purpose in the 21st century – power units operate on bio-fuels and Hydrogen which result in net zero carbon emissions.


IoT building control systems to help you calculate your carbon footprint impact, reduce it and offset it.


Robotics solutions to support turf and agriculture management to reduce water and resource management.


Help organisations reduce carbon emissions through community engagement and personal action.


Dynamic energy management platform adapts temperature control to changing occupancy levels to save energy waste.


Retro-fittable, safer intelligent switches and sensors. Incorporating all the functionality to monitor, control, analyse and protect AC and DC circuits.

Ideabatic (Smile)

SMILE, Smart Last-mile Cooling System, is a freeze-free and fail-safe carrier that allows the transportation of life-saving vaccines.


Software designed to analyse the efficiency of buildings and analyse the cost benefit of home improvements.


Smart building automation retrofit solution that enables responsive HVAC and lighting to give you a more comfortable and healthier working environment.


Sustainable transport solution moving goods through small pipes, aiming to address the explosive growth in online shopping.


Process to produce sustainable advanced materials – a wide range of zinc oxide structures and other Zn-based chemistries.


Community solar pumps and power plants for last-mile rural Indian markets.

OSOL Global

A Strong Commitment to Developing Sustainable Future by helping societies and organizations to choose and apply their optimal technologies and effectively utilize their resources

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Improving the Offshore WindFarm (OWF) ecosystem through an integrated software solution product.


Powervault designs and manufactures smart energy storage systems, which store solar and grid electricity to reduce energy bills and increase energy efficiency.