AgriVijay is India’s first marketplace of  Renewable Energy Products for Farmers & Rural households making them Energy Independent by reducing their dependency on Fossil fuels such as diesel, firewood etc. ,increasing their Savings & contributing to the Climate Change mitigation.

Ananas Anam

The makers of Piñatex®, an innovative natural textile made from waste pineapple leaf fibre for use across fashion, accessories & upholstery


A process to produce a new active ingredient derived from waste biomass which has performances in cleaning superior compared the current oil-based analogues.

Climate Edge

A digital marketplace for agricultural service providers to make their services accessible to thousands of smallholder farmers.


Robotics solutions to support turf and agriculture management to reduce water and resource management.

Harvest London

Hydroponic Farming produce grown to order in a controlled environment, allowing a wide variety of produce year-round for London

Iceni Earth

Iceni Earth empowers farmers, land managers, land developers and the public to protect and restore nature.

Mana Biosystems

Technology to address bottlenecks in scaling insect farming as a source of sustainable protein for animal feed in the global south.


Farm-fresh, delicious ‘odd’ & surplus fruit & veg delivered straight to your door.


Community solar pumps and power plants for last-mile rural Indian markets.

Origin Oils

A social entrepreneurship venture that provides a better livelihood for small farmers growing aroma crops


Technologies to minimise the damaging impact of agriculture on the environment and to make food crops healthier for consumers

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Developing a novel soil amendment and service system to reduce nitrogen fertiliser.

SEAB Power

Industrial appliance which converts organic waste into energy whilst recovering water and fertiliser.

Zero Carbon Farms

Zero Carbon Farms (ZCF) is a data-driven, controlled environment, ag-tech business, using hydroponics and LEDs to produce salad for local consumers.