Technology waste management services and products that include food waste digesters, data analytics tools to drive zero waste.


Tech-enabled reusable lunchbox scheme to reduce single-use packaging waste from the food-to-go industry.


Platform for reuse, connecting zero waste stores, brands and customers through technology.

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Production and supply of seaweed for cattle fodder for emission reduced beef for conscious carnivores.

Elysia Catering

Sustainable London event catering company that works with natural surplus ingredients, sourced directly from local artisan producers.

Harvest London

Hydroponic Farming produce grown to order in a controlled environment, allowing a wide variety of produce year-round for London


Paints and textile powders from pigments derived from plant and food waste.

Mana Biosystems

Technology to address bottlenecks in scaling insect farming as a source of sustainable protein for animal feed in the global south.


Farm-fresh, delicious ‘odd’ & surplus fruit & veg delivered straight to your door.


Technologies to minimise the damaging impact of agriculture on the environment and to make food crops healthier for consumers

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Developing a novel soil amendment and service system to reduce nitrogen fertiliser.

Saved Food

Saved transforms traditionally essential staples into nutrient-rich foods fortified with organic insect-based protein.


A rideshare app which automatically offsets emissions associated with journey and restaurant plugin which plants trees for every transaction

Stock Cycle

Stock cycle sells surplus stock from FMCG businesses and sells it direct to consumer via websites.

Zero Carbon Farms

Zero Carbon Farms (ZCF) is a data-driven, controlled environment, ag-tech business, using hydroponics and LEDs to produce salad for local consumers.