A Bloomberg terminal for the energy transition publishing the first daily hydrogen cost assessment in the UK for all colours of hydrogen


Mileage tracking service Autotrip is now available for drivers to use as a mobile app.


A process to produce a new active ingredient derived from waste biomass which has performances in cleaning superior compared the current oil-based analogues.


Technology waste management services and products that include food waste digesters, data analytics tools to drive zero waste.

Bridged Media

Technology for publishers, content owners and organisations to embed sustainable actions into their content.


Next generation non toxic adhesive for wood panel industry, packaging, medical devices, cosmetics and other niche applications.


Platform for reuse, connecting zero waste stores, brands and customers through technology.

City to Sea

Refill puts shopping without single-use packaging in the palm of people’s hands with an innovative behaviour change tech solution designed to make refilling convenient, affordable and easy.

Climate Edge

A digital marketplace for agricultural service providers to make their services accessible to thousands of smallholder farmers.


Integrated urban mobility solutions (i.e. bicycle cover solution for transporting bikes in taxis)


Sustainable additive manufacturing – using localised sustainable manufacturing to build functional products to form circular economies for upcycling waste.


Robotics solutions to support turf and agriculture management to reduce water and resource management.


Help organisations reduce carbon emissions through community engagement and personal action.


Innovative, sustainable packaging and paper that’s kind to the planet using renewable sources—like sugarcane waste


UK made natural cosmetics -100% bio-degradable mainly using ingredients produced as a by-product of processed fruit waste.


A mobile app that via the cloud and the users’ local wifi network can interact with and control multiple devices from multiple manufacturers

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We are looking to solve alcohol consumption. Helping find solutions that create a more closed loop circular economy by delivering alcohol directly from breweries.


Platform that connects customers and installers to retrofit their homes and improve energy efficiency in buildings .


Sustainable cleaning products removing single use plastics, using refillable bottles and tabs.