FilmFixer manages filming on behalf of fourteen London boroughs, seven district councils in Suffolk, The Peabody Group and other private locations. They offer a ‘one-stop’ film service, from initial enquiry through to crew sourcing, permitting and more. They have worked with every significant London TV and film production company.

Their Pledge:

To decrease CO2e emissions by 50% by 2030 and reach carbon zero by 2050. 

The film industry has a great opportunity to contribute to London’s Net Zero journey:

According to Albert, BAFTA’s industry-backed sustainability project, the production of just one hour’s worth of TV content produces 13 tonnes of CO2.

Around 95% of the material used in a production usually ends up in the rubbish.

In London alone it is calculated that the audiovisual industry generates the same amount of CO2 as a city with 20,000 inhabitants.

Filmfixer’s Net Zero Journey

Amelia Price, a specialist environmental film consultant, was selected to help Filmfixer create their net zero plan.

Five key areas emerged:

Air Quality

FilmFixer has co-founded a collaborative initiative -The Generator Project - an app that tracks and anonymises data on the use of diesel generators film location sets. The project aims to provide suppliers with a better understanding of generator use with options for green diesel generators to clean up London’s air.

Carbon Offsetting

After reducing their emissions, FilmFixer will continue to support the communities they represent and establish their insetting projects. There is currently a framework for film and TV productions to pay donations to community garden projects and other green space initiatives when filming in a particular area.


Switch to Good Energy tariff, which includes a discount for staff working at home if they change to Good Energy.


A priority area for reducing emissions, FilmFixer will assist colleagues by giving trials for personal footprint tracking app 'Capture'. They will also explore offering the cycle to work scheme and increase awareness of traveling to site visits via public transport or by foot.

Employee Engagement

FilmFixer has created 'Greens Team', to oversee the ongoing sustainability initiatives in the business and wider filming communities, with an emphasis on intrapreneurialism.


With the help of Amelia Price, FilmFixer has led on The Generator Project, bringing together industry professionals including location managers, London boroughs, generator suppliers and Cleantech innovators, to try and solve a common problem within the film industry.

Activity already undertaken

Introduced responsible purchasing policies – sourcing from second hand and local suppliers

Switched energy supplier to renewable, contributing to a reduction in energy emissions of 97%

“Amelia (our consultant) is wonderful. It's very helpful to work with someone who has an in-depth understanding of my industry and the limitations that we face. Without this, I think we could've spent a lot of time explaining things rather than brainstorming sustainable solutions.”
Andrew Pavord
Chairman & Founder