Helios Ingredients is a supplier of food ingredients to brands and retailers across the UK and Europe....

Helios Ingredients is a leading supplier of quality raw and natural food across the UK and Europe, specialising in coconut, hazelnuts, vine fruit and almonds. They have offices in London, Sri Lanka, and have a manufacturing sister company in Turkey. They provide high standards of quality and ethical supply for their customers.

Their Pledge:

To reduce 50% of their baseline carbon emissions by 2025 and reach net zero by 2030.

The Industry’s Impact Opportunity – Environmental, Ethical and Financial

Over a third of all food produced globally goes to waste and contributes 8-10% of total man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. If food waste were a country, it would be the world’s third largest emitter after China and the USA.

The UK produces the highest amount of food waste in Europe.  The UK throws away around 9.5 million tonnes of food waste in a single year – even though 8.4 million people in the UK are in food poverty. The vast majority of food waste ends up in a landfill site contributing heavily to global warming and the erosion of the ozone layer.

Valued at around £19 billion a year, and associated with more than 25 Mt of GHG emissions, food is disposed of unnecessarily – food equivalent to over 15 billion meals – enough to feed the entire UK population 3 meals a day for 11 weeks. 

Helios’ Net Zero Journey

Helios Ingredients selected Climate Partner to conduct a lifecycle analysis of their most popular product – Coconut milk. Helios Ingredients are now working with Sustaineers to strategise on their net zero plan.

Product Lifecycle

Helios has undertaken a Product Lifecycle of their coconut milk, supported by the GHG protocol. By calculating the product carbon footprint, it is possible to identify the potential for mitigating and reducing emissions. Helios will use this information to execute conscious decision-making to procure low-emission raw materials and packaging and improved efficiency in energy, production and logistics. 


Premises / The Office

Helios will:

  • Reduce their office emissions by using less disposable materials and segregating their waste and material disposal. 
  • Train staff on waste reduction.
  • Reduce travel emissions by encouraging greener commutes and offering flexibility around home working.
  • Survey their building to assess how it can be more environmentally friendly with the intention of gaining an energy performance certificate.


Helios will examine their energy providers to use 100% renewable energy. Helios has explored the feasibility of installing their own solar panels and will undertake a further feasibility study to install a second electric vehicle charging point. 

Employee Engagement

Helios are focusing on creating a healthier and more flexible work environment for their employees advocating healthy lifestyle choices and offering a cycle to work scheme.

“It was interesting to see the carbon emissions throughout our supply chain, and the impact from our logistics partners. The input from the consultants helped me know where to focus and where our biggest impacts are. We are now working closely with our suppliers and supporting them to reduce our scope 3 emissions.”
Mufaddal Abidali
Retail & Procurement Manager