Hackney Impact

Supporting businesses in Hackney to save money while saving the planet. 

What we offer… 

Expert energy advice 

Our free on-site energy audit involves an expert visiting your premises to recommend energy-saving measures that will make your property warmer, drier and more resilient to adverse weather. 

You’ll also receive a report detailing recommended technology upgrades and behavioural tips to reduce energy usage and cut your bills. Plus a one-to-one consultation to answer any questions you have about making changes to your property. Every business that gets an audit can get help to apply for a grant.


Audits are available to any business trading in a commercial premises in Hackney.

Grants for creative businesses

Hackney Wick and Fish Island Creative Enterprise Zone are launching a capital grant program in 2024 to aid creative businesses. Grants are available for business to improve their energy efficiency and invest in low carbon technologies. 

Two funding options are available:

  • Small grants: Total project cost £2,500 – requires  25% match funding.

Large grants: Total project cost £10,000 – requires 50% match funding.

*We have £150K worth of grants available, apply to find out more.

Apply for the first round of funding by 1st May 2024

To be eligible for a grant your business must…

  1. Be registered in England and trading in the Hackney Wick and Fish Island Creative Enterprise Zone in either Hackney or Tower Hamlets.
  2. Operate in a commercial premise. 
  3. Have permission from your landlord for work to be completed.

This initiative has been developed by The London Borough of Hackney in partnership with Tower Hamlets, Hackney Impact and Green Business Action, who are delivering this energy reduction programme that’s supporting local businesses through the ongoing energy crisis and improving their resilience to climate change.