Odelay Films is a film production company headed up by a team of producers and creatives. Odelay Films are market leaders who strive to deliver the highest quality content for their clients, in either music, commercials or animations.

Their Pledge:

To retain scope 1 emissions at zero, eliminate scope 2 emissions by 2022 and reduce scope 3 by 10% year on year to reach net zero by 2030.

The film industry has a great opportunity to contribute to London’s Net Zero journey:

According to Albert, BAFTA’s industry-backed sustainability project, the production of just one hour’s worth of TV content produces 13 tonnes of CO2.

Around 95% of the material used in a production usually ends up in the rubbish.

In London alone it is calculated that the audiovisual industry generates the same amount of CO2 as a city with 20,000 inhabitants.

Odelay’s Net Zero Journey

Amelia Price, a specialist environmental film consultant, was selected to help Odelay create their net zero plan.

Five key areas emerged:


Odelay Films will use AdGreen's specialist film carbon calculator to measure the footprint of each production to track progress going forward. They wish to become industry advocates to inspire more players in the film sector to measure and report carbon emissions to influence purchasing decisions.


Odelay Films is engaging new equipment rental suppliers who share the same environmental values and commitments. Existing suppliers will be asked to produce environmental policies and to set net zero targets. In addition, freelance production crews will be encouraged to engage with their own supply chain to help build momentum in the industry.


Looking at battery and hydrogen powered technologies for an alternative power source. Last year especially witnessed an acceleration in these technologies being used to power film and TV productions, which will help Odelay’s journey to net zero as they become more widely available.


Odelay Films will move to virtual filming processes, where only key personnel and cast travel to location and the remaining crew monitor filming remotely from London. Odelay Films has been strengthening partnerships with international production companies to source local film crews to significantly cut down travel emissions.


Odelay Films is engaging with film crews on issues such as reducing waste on set and implementing circular economy practices. Odelay hopes to increase recycling rates and help change behaviour and working habits.

"Taking part in the BF+ programme has allowed us to analyse our production and filming methodology in a whole new way. With the insight we’ve gained, we’ve been able to implement new policies that have dramatically reduced our carbon emissions already and even allowed us to offer carbon-neutral productions to our clients."
Peter Lee Scott
Co-Founder & Director